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In our tech unit within Kombo, we bring digital transformation to your enterprise in various sectors.


Design and Printing We do customized design, all paper print, large format print, and embroidery based on your needs using high quality machines.

Software Development, We manage and develop solutions to meet different needs of companies, humanitarian agencies, and government entities. This is not limited to only Mobile applications, web design, warehouse management software, pharmacy shop software, payroll software, Supply chain Management, pharma distribution software, POS software etc.


Electronic and hardware security, We offer car and Motorbike tracking service, CCTV service, maintenance and support for any services and products provided by Kombo Fintech or any other third-party vendor.

Supply of IT Equipment, We provide hardware materials like computers, Mobile handsets, fridges, cables, printers based on your requirement…. (Insert Pictures of It Supply)


We provide useful improvements and optimization steps for your project and make sure that your entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and runs reliably.