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Kombo Cash will provide vehicle loan, rental loan, school fees, land loan, medical loan, business loan etc. and all based on their current contract duration with the current employer and SME’s contract with their client.

Changing the name into Kombo cash to avoid legal documents from central bank in the start and transactions will proceed online and offline.

  1. Kombo Fintech website with its four sections, a customer will click Kombo Fintech and it automatically opens up with one single website which shows Kombo cash services; a customer can then check on options of requesting a loan or inquiry;
  2. A form to fill their loan application with some basic details form online with two referees in the same NGO who is the current employer. If he/she is an SME, he will submit the form including purchase order and contract of service he is to provide and how much he/she will need from Kombo cash, Then Kombo Fintech field team will conduct field visit and assessment.
  3. Print Copies; The customer will sign on the printed copies, Fintech team will upload the documents, finance will review online and approve then forwarded to CEO for final approval.
  4. Alert; Applicant to be notified via sms alert or mail and ask to be provided with a check for payment. Alert cost to be deducted from his Phone number.
  5. Progress: The finance team will monitor the back office of the whole business, who has taken a loan, when is it paid, how much is remaining, profit made, loss, uploads of documents,
  6. Back office: It should have info like, customer details, finance info, fix deposit, brokerage, investor, report, ledger, and accounts.